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Premium Tickets for 2014

Premium Tickets are back for the 15th Impact, with a newcomer: the Bronze Ticket. Get ready: they’re coming in late February!


Premium Tickets on sale:

Platinum Tickets: Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 at 11 am
Sold out

Gold Tickets: Sunday, March 9 at 4 pm
Sold out

Silver Tickets: Monday, March 17 at 11 am
Sold out

Bronze Tickets: Tuesday, March 25 at 3 pm
Sold out

Zen Tickets: Wednesday, April 2 at 6 pm


The problem about foreign credit cards has been solved.
From March 25 on, you can pay for Bronze Tickets,
and then Zen Tickets, with any credit card.


How to get a ticket FAQ General terms
of sale


Premium Tickets have loads of advantages* in store for you:

  • FREEDOM: enter earlier to have the festival for you alone, get in and out as you wish, and enjoy the Premium checkroom* to roam about with free hands!
  • VIP ATTITUDE: enjoy the Premium Desk, fastpasses*, and more.

* depending on the type of Premium Ticket you have

And let’s welcome the newcomer: the Bronze Ticket. Discover the details of its advantages below!


The advantages



Have a look at Premium Ticket prices
on this page


Premium Ticket advantages


5-day access to the festival
Gives you access to Japan Expo during the 5 days of the festival.

Enter the festival before public opening
Gives you access to the festival before public opening. You can visit the festival and the exhibitors (opened earlier just for you), start shopping without lines or get tickets for signing sessions.

Temporary exit allowed
A bracelet is given to you at the entrance of the festival, at your arrival. It allows you to get out and back in as many times as you like by just showing it.

Event fast-passes
Some events are crowded. Fast-passes allow you to avoid lines at the Live House or make sure you get a seat for the main stage.
The number of fast-passes is limited: have a look at the advantage table to know the number of fast-passes for each type of ticket. A special line is set for a privileged access.

Extra chances for signing sessions
There two ways of getting an autograph from the guests of Japan Expo, draws or the “first come first served” system. Draws are organized for some guests only.
Thanks to your priority access to the festival, it’s easier to get coupons for the “first come first served” system. As a Premium Ticket owner, you also have more chances for draws.
To enjoy this advantage, go straight to the Signing Desk of the festival.
You have electronic coupons (included in your ticket):

  • 20 electronic coupons for Platinum Tickets
  • 15 electronic coupons for Gold Tickets
  • 10 electronic coupons for Silver Tickets
  • 5 electronic coupons for Bronze Tickets

How to use the electronic coupons with the draw system:

  • each attendee can try once for each draw
  • a electronic coupon allows you to try 4 more times
  • you can give up to 5 coupons for a guest (one try per draw)
  • each coupon tried is lost. Use them sparingly and chose the guests with care.

Dedicated reception desk
You enjoy a reception set especially for you. The Premium Desk answers all your questions. Someone is here all the time to make your visit easier in the festival.

Restaurant fast-passes
A special line is created for Premium Tickets and professionals to avoid losing time in some restaurant lines.

Free checkroom
You want to do some shopping in the festival but don’t want to be burdened during your visit? You can leave your items at the free checkroom dedicated to Premium Tickets (limited number of articles).

Surprise gifts are included in your Premium bags.

Platinum Tickets get in 20 minutes before the festival opening and get breakfast in the Lounge Premium. Great to start a good day at Japan Expo!

Lounge Premium
This area allows you to rest during the day. You’ll also find something to eat or to drink there during the day.


Many thanks to the Premium Ticket partners