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The attendees' guide to the festival

Any question about the access to the festival? About the rules to follow? About the cosplay changing facilities?... Here are the answers to your questions, and some tips to experience the festival stress free, and to fully enjoy!

How to go to Japan Expo?


Japan Expo takes place at the North Paris-Villepinte Exposition Park.

The festival has an exceptional transportation service with the RER train station nearby. It only takes 30 minutes from the center of Paris to the festival, and 10 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport and train station. Besides, there is also a taxi station.

If you're driving to the festival, you can have a look at the Paris-Nord Villepinte parking fees on this page.
Car parks are run by Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center: if you have any question or request, please contact them directly.


Learn more about the access to the exhibition center


How to enter the festival?


Upon their arrival, all visitors are brought to the hall 7, where they split into 4 different wait queues:

  • A queue for those with a 1-day ticket, purchased from presales offices
  • A queue for the Premium Tickets possessors
  • A queue for those with a 4-day presale ticket
  • A queue for those who still need to buy their ticket

People with Premium tickets are the first to enter the festival area, at the time corresponding to the ticket type they possess. At 9.00 a.m., people with tickets bought at presales are also invited to enter. And at 10.00 a.m., those who still need to buy a ticket are finally allowed to go to the cash desks.

More about opening times and fees
Buy your ticket in presale

Please read these rules carefully and respect the opening hours!!
It’s no use coming at 6.00 a.m. if you’ll have to wait several hours to enter the festival!

Part of the queues take place outside. Don’t forget to have a look at the weather forecast and to be accordingly equipped: with an umbrella in case of rain or with a cap in case of sunny weather!

Cash desks and means of payment


Please note that banknotes above €50 are not accepted. In order to save some time, please prepare the exact change before you get to the cash desks.
Credit cards
Payments with credit cards are only accepted at some cash desks, specifically indicated.

Only cash and credit card payments are accepted
, so no checks please!



ATMs are available at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center.


Please plan to bring enough cash before your arrival at the festival, because very few exhibitors accept credit cards, and ATMs will most likely be crowded. Thinking ahead of what you will need means not having to worry about any of it during your visit at the festival.

Since any exit is definitive, make sure you don’t forget anything before getting in!!


Cosplay changing facilities


Changing facilities are available for all the cosplayers:

  • Rooms meant for those who parade at the main stage
  • Rooms for free cosplayers, who don’t participate at the stage competitions


Food and drink

There are several restaurants at Japan Expo, whether you’d like to have a typical Japanese meal or to have something to eat on the run, to go back as soon as possible to the festival’s events and activities.

Yet, you should know that they are often crowded and the queues can be long. You can also bring your own food.

Don't forget to bring water and to drink regularly both during the queues and inside the festival, since the weather is usually hot at that time of the year!


Weapons and katana


During the festival, many attendees walk along the alleys with katana replica, which can be dangerous when they have it in hand or when they simulate fights. This kind of situation presents numerous risks, and in order to provide safety to all of the attendees, the festival has strict rules: wearing any kind of weapon replica not made with non-dangerous materials made of foam-type padding, cardboard or lightweight wood is strictly prohibited in the alleys of the festival. This rule applies not only to cosplayers, but also to the other attendees.

Weapon replica (including katana), even if they are not sharpened, must remain decorative objects not intended to be used as toys. Any weapon carried by anyone inside the festival will be confiscated by security services.

Weapons inside the festival must be kept inside their boxes and can only be sold to adults.

As for the weapons made of wood, they must be made of lightweight wood and cannot contain any sharp or perforating parts. For example, boken are prohibited. Blunt objects (like baseball bats) must be packaged in a lightweight material.

Fake weapons and weapons like neutralized airsoft are tolerated, with one and only condition: their presence must be justified by the wearing of a costume, and they must not be dangerous. That is, they must not contain ammunitions and the cartridge clip or charger must be empty. They must first be submitted to the security agents of the North Paris-Villepinte Exposition Park.

Any possible dangerous part must be padded with foam or cardboard in order to respect these rules.

Anyone trying to enter the precincts of the festival with a non-authoriwed weapon will immediately be sent out of the festival by the security agents.

As for the cosplayers taking part in contests, you’ll find more information available on the Cosplayforum.



Activities for children
Japan Expo sets up a kids' area with activities for your children: more information about this will be online soon.

Attention, you can't leave your children alone, this is not babysitting.


Several nurseries with tables are available for parents, where they can take care of their babies.

Lost children

Lost children and their parents meet at the Information Desk (Point Info) of the festival.


First aid


In case of faintness or if you get hurt, contact the medical service, whose number is available on the festival map.






Animals are forbidden at the festival: this way, you avoid a stressful day to your pets!


Lost items


During the festival, found objects are brought back to the information desk (point info), which keeps them until the end of the festival. We also keep everything found at the festival after its closure, to allow you to get them back.

You just have to send us an e-mail with a precise description of the object you have lost, so that we can identify it. Then we'll get back to you. Send your e-mail to the following address: