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Published on 21/04/2011 - Edition 2011


Birthdate : 26 / 08 / 1950

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Cartoonist

Yumiko IGARASHI, the artist who illustrated Candy, the cult Manga which left its mark on whole generations of young girls, is the Manga guest of honor of Japan Expo this year. Don’t miss the “Princess of Shôjo” during the festival!

Yumiko IGARASHI in conference
and signing sessions from Thursday to Sunday!

An exhibition is also dedicated to the artist.




Born in August 1950 in Hokkaidô, Yumiko IGARASHI started her career in 1968 when she was still a high school student. She published her first story in a special issue of Ribon, the famous Shueisha monthly Manga magazine for young girls.

Right after this youth work, she gets hired by Kôdansha to draw in Nakayoshi, the girl magazine of the group. She draws the character of Candy for the first time in this magazine, in 1975, with a script by Kyoko MIZUKI. Success is immediate and huge. Candy appears in France for the first time on TV in 1978.

Mayme Angel © Yumiko IGARASHI

Generations of girls recognize themselves in Candy, bravely fighting her destiny as a young orphan searching for her prince. Candy dolls sold 2 million copies every year, a record in Japan at the time. She won the first Kôdansha Manga prize, created for the occasion in 1977.

Other Kawaii successes followed, such as Mayme Angel and Georgie, but also in other genres, from history Manga to comedies, mysteries and works for adult women, still unknown in the West.

In 2013, Yumiko IGARASHI will celebrate the 45th anniversary of her debut. With her many cats, her mischievous parrot and exotic fish, she took her pencils again and is working on a new history Manga whose heroine will have thousands of stars in her large pale eyes. To be followed…

Meet the guest