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☆Wotaku World Wave☆

Published on 22/06/2010 - Edition
 ☆Wotaku World Wave☆


Nationality : Japan

Coming from Japan, the duo ☆Wotaku World Wave☆, Jun Miyazawa and Miwaku no Kunio♂, fires up Japan Expo, musically speaking!


☆Wotaku World Wave☆

☆Wotaku World Wave☆ was created to spread Japanese music abroad. The unique DJ Miwaku No Kunio♂ warms up the audience and makes them sing. Jun Miyazawa, with her amazing style, takes over to make you feel like dancing!

You may have discovered them Japan Expo or Japan Expo Sud and Chibi Japan Expo. They’re back!

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Vocals & Cosplay: JUN MIYAZAWA

She is the organizer of ☆Wotaku World Wave☆ events and is everywhere on the dance floors of Japanese clubs.

Jun Miyazawa sings the songs of idols, Anime themes, but also popular songs. She released a CD abroad in which she sings video games themes.

Her stage costumes are very stylish, inspired from Japanese fashion.

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Tôkyô, Ôsaka, Nagoya, Shizuoka, Sapporo, Okinawa… Miwaku no Kunio♂ organizes events in concert rooms and clubs all over Japan. In 10 years, he has organized over 200 events as a DJ and collaborated with many artists.

A big fan of Anime themes and J-Pop, he also likes R&B, soul music, rock music from abroad. He particularly appreciates British rock and organizes events in this style of music: London Times.


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Le blog officiel de Wotaku World Wave (en Japonais)

Meet the guest

  • Live Saturday 03 July, 11h30-13h00, Activity Room #1