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Published on 31/05/2010 - Edition


Nationality : Japan

Of course there is Visual Kei at the J.E. Live House! You'll be all ears and all eyes with ViViD!

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Live at the J.E. Live House on July, Friday 2 and Saturday 3!



Established in April 2009, ViViD plays unconventional music, based on melodious mixture rock, but incorporating hard rock touch and rap elements. They performed their first solo live at O-EAST, SHIBUYA six months later and 500 tickets were sold out immediately.

ViViD’s second solo show at LIQUIDROOM to celebrate their first anniversary was also sold out instantly in only 30 minutes for 1500 seats. A solo gig is expected next at SHIBUYA-AX (capacity 2500) on August 8 and the response of fans is immediate and it is almost sold out already.

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They are growing fast, not only with ViViD’s sound, but also with the unprecedented amount of live audience. ViviD has released 3 singles and one mini-album. Their third single 『Across The Border』 out in February 2010, went on to the top of Oricon indies chart (Number 22 on Oricon Weekly Chart). The up-coming single is due in July.

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ViViD in video



ViViD : Across the Border
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ViViD : 69-IIDM
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ViViD on www.indie-psc.com/vivid!

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Friday 02 July, 12h30-13h15, J.E. Live House
  • Conference Friday 02 July, 17h45-18h30, Panel Discussion #2
  • Signing session Friday 02 July, 14h30-15h30, Signing Room #4
    First come, first served
  • Showcase Saturday 03 July, 17h30-18h15, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Saturday 03 July, 13h30-14h30, Signing Room #3
    First come, first served