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Tsukasa HÔJÔ

Published on 25/02/2010 - Edition
Tsukasa HÔJÔ


Birthdate : 23 / 09 / 1968

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Mangaka

The author of City Hunter, Cat's Eye and Angel Heart is at Japan Expo 11th Impact!

A great name of Manga, Tsukasa HÔJÔ is the author of masterpieces such as Cat’s Eye and City Hunter. He was born on March 5th, 1959, in Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture. He ended second of the Tezuka Prize in 1979 with Space Angel. In 1980, exactly thirty years ago, he started as a professional Mangaka as he published Ore wa otoko da ! (I am a man!) in the magazine Weekly Shônen Jump

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In 1981 he started Cat’s Eye, showing his talent for drawing women, and became very active in the magazines published by Shueisha, and especially Weekly Shônen Jump. City Hunter began in 1985. It is Tsukasa HÔJÔ’s second great success, after Cat’s Eye, and the one that made him famous all over the world. He is successful not only in Japan but also in France where the animation adaptations, Cat’s Eyes and Nicky Larson, got very popular as soon as they started to be broadcast.

Later Tsukasa HÔJÔ took part in the creation of the magazine Weekly Comic Bunch (published by Shinchôsha–Coamix) in which he has been publishing a new series, Angel Heart, which goes on since then.

Tsukasa HÔJÔ celebrates this year the 30th anniversary of his carrier:
a great opportunity to receive him as the Manga Guest of Honor of Japan Expo 11th Impact!

A 30 year old carrier!

  • 2001 - Angel Heart
  • 1998 - Parrot
  • 1997 - The Eye of the Assassin
  • 1996 - Family Compo
  • 1995 - American Dream
  • 1994 - RASH!!
  • 1993 - Under the Dapple Shade
  • 1992 - Summer Dream
  • 1992 - Family Plot
  • 1990 - Taxi Driver
  • 1988 - Le cadeau de l'ange
  • 1987 - SPLASH!
  • 1985 - City Hunter
  • 1981 - Cat's Eye
  • 1980 - Ore wa otoko da!

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