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Toshio MAEDA

Published on 02/05/2012 - Edition 2012
Toshio MAEDA


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Mangaka

Japan Expo invites you to meet one of the masters of Hentai, forerunner of adult Manga with Urotsukidôji: Toshio MAEDA!

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Born in 1953 in Osaka, Toshio MAEDA is self-taught and started drawing Manga very soon. A voracious reader, of American comics such as Batman or Spider-man among others, he had read more than 10,000 books before turning 20, in all genres of literature. At 16, he left for Tôkyô and became the assistant of a cartoonist.

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To avoid the moral, political and religious limits of traditional Manga for youth, Toshio MAEDA focused on erotic drawing with avant-garde works such as Urotsukidôji, released in 1986, which made him a forerunner of the Hentai genre, and especially of “tentacle rape”, in Japan and worldwide. Urotsukidôji is, after Akira, the most influential title on the English-speaking market. Working for an adult magazine, he wanted to create something different from the usual erotic tales.

Toshio MAEDA is credited with the proliferation of the tentacle rape genre, very popular in the 80s and 90s’ Anime. To avoid censorship, Toshio MAEDA uses the image of tentacles, a process he only really used in Demon Beast Invasion in 1989. Critics mention him as the most influential erotic Manga artist in Japan and Urotsukidôji is the basis of the “erotic-grotesque” genre which can be found in many Anime.

Beyond his adult works, Toshio MAEDA has also made political and historical Manga and magazine or novel covers.


Meet the guest

  • Conference Thursday 05 July, 12h45-14h00, Japan Expo stage
    Forbidden to under 18
  • Signing session Thursday 05 July, 11h00-12h00, Signing #2
    First come, first served