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Published on 16/05/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Mangaka

The publisher Ki-oon and Japan Expo are glad to announce the presence at the festival of Tetsuya TSUTSUI, the author of Manhole, Duds Hunt and Reset, for the release of his latest Manga!!

Come and meet Tetsuya TSUTSUI
on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Ki-oon booth

Signing schedule and conditions on this page




After a five years’ absence, one of Ki-oon’s main authors is celebrating his come back with his European fans at Japan Expo.

Sharp and striking, his previous thrillers, Manhole, Duds Hunt and Reset, have gained a large readership. Tetsuya TSUTSUI is back in France with a new original series, developed with the publisher Ki-oon: Prophecy.

Tetsuya TSUTSUI is meeting you during a tour of France in several big cities from June 28 to July 5, a marathon ending at Japan Expo from July 6 to 8!