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Published on 26/04/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

If you like Manga and martial arts, you can already plan an amazing encounter with Tetsuya SARUWATARI, the author of Free Fight. He will be at Japan Expo this summer in partnership with Tonkam editions.

Don’t miss Tetsuya SARUWATARI at Japan Expo


Free Fight is THE Manga made for fans of extreme martial arts which are in fashion these days. The violent plot exploring the darkest aspects of these sports hides in fact a true reflection upon philosophy behind these martial arts.




Born on June 25th, 1958 in Fukuoka, Tetsuya SARUWATARI early got interested in martial arts and American and Hong Kong films. His first story, Umi no Senshi, is published in the famous magazine Shônen Jump but the success really comes with Dog Soldier. Tetsuya SARUWATARI is a very hard-working Mangaka, he can finish 350 pages in a month! His work is always well documented and he watches several fights every month in order to improve the realism of his fight scenes.




Kiichi Miyazawa is the new leader of the Nadashinkage School, an ancestral school that teaches lethal martial arts. In order to pay the hospital bills for his father who became paraplegic because of a violent fight with his twin brother, Kiichi is involved in clandestine fights and has to face the worst fighters from the dark world…


More information about the coming of Tetsuya SARUWATARI soon on our website, www.tonkam.com and on the festival facebook page.



Meet the guest

  • Conference Friday 06 July, 13h00-14h00, Japan Expo stage
  • Masterclass Sunday 08 July, 13h00-14h15, Japan Expo stage

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  • Manga
  • Sports
  • Culture and traditions
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