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Published on 02/06/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Musician

They are going to enchant you with the pop-rock sound of their guitars... The duo TarO&JirO is the J.E. Live House!

Live at the J.E. Live House!
 More information about dates and times soon 


TarO&JirO : silent siren by JapanExpoTV




The two brothers Kimitaro.F, 23 years old, and Tomojiro.F, 20, started their musical career as a duo in 2000: TarO&JirO was born and that was the beginning of a great adventure!

After performing for a while in Japan, TarO&JirO decided to go to London in 2009. At first, they play in the street, near the London Eye, and then at Finnegans Wake, a very popular pub full of Londoners.
Despite the language obstacle, the two brothers attract the audience and soon have many fans who attend their lives! In May 2010, they decide to go back to Japan.

Thanks to their many experiences and the influence of British music, they can now interpret original lyrics in Japanese and in English, along with the sound of their guitars. After recording their first album during summer 2010, the duo wishes to go further to a worldwide scale.

They took part in Japan Expo Sud last February then played in front of the harbor in Marseille, are broadcasted on the radio and finally give a last concert before heading to Paris to conquer a new public at the beginning of April.

This summer, the duo TarO&JirO are performing on the stage of the J.E. Live House at Japan Expo 12th Impact!


TarO&JirO's offical website

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  • 2011 - Brothers Fight
  • 2010 - emotions

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Thursday 30 June, 14h00-14h45, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Thursday 30 June, 15h30-16h30, Signing room 3