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Published on 11/05/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Singer

Nu jazz invades the J.E. Live House with Shanti, whose voice you may have heard in the soundtrack of the movie Escaflowne. Between J-pop and jazzy tunes, let yourself be seduced by the enchanting voice of beautiful Shanti!

Live at the J.E. Live House and
in signing session on Thursday!





Described as one of the most beautiful voices of 2010 by Swing Journal, a famous Japanese jazz magazine, Shanti is the daughter of Tommy SNYDER, drummer of the band GODIEGO and a real star in Japan. In her nu jazz style, this Japanese-American singer writes and composes most of her songs.

Shanti started her career at 16 by composing songs for many ads in Japan and movie soundtracks. Then she collaborated with many famous Japanese artists in many musical genres, such as Crystal Kay, Toku, Marleen, Take 6, Hajime YOSHIZAWA and many others.

Shanti is also famous for working with Yoko KANNO, among others on the music of the Escaflowne film. The song, written with Hajime YOSHIZAWA and called Home, got to the top downloads on iTunes in Japan.

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Recently she collaborated with jazz singer Toku and it motivated her to make an album, Love again, recorded in the USA with American musicians. The album includes a duo with Toku, as well as Atsushi, singer of the band Exile.

Her beautiful voice allowed her to be on stage with the greatest, such as Keisuke KUWATA or The Sadistic mika Band. Since 2003, she has been singing with acoustic bands.

She recorded an independent solo album in Paris with French musicians Jean-Michel KAJIDAN and Jean-Philippe RYKIEL. The album, which then came out in Japan, can now be downloaded worldwide.

In 2010, Shanti signed with the label Columbia and released her first major album Born To Sing. She then started a tour in Japan and took part in jazz festivals. On January 26, 2011 her second album Romance With Me was released.

From 2008 to 2010, Shanti has also been co-hostess in the show J-Melo on channel NHK World, broadcast in180 countries all over the world. Today, she is co-hostess in the show El Mundo, on NHK-BS, live every Friday night.


More about Shanti on her website,
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  • 2011 - Romance With Me
  • 2010 - Born To Sing
  • 2008 - Share My Air
  • - Soundtrack of the movie Escaflowne
  • - Love again

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Thursday 30 June, 16h30-17h15, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Thursday 30 June, 17h30-18h30, Signing room 2

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