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Published on 18/05/2010 - Edition


Nationality : Japan

The famous heavy metal band Seikima-II is about to give a hell of a concert on the J.E. Live House stage!


Live at the J.E. Live House on Sunday, July 4th!



Born in the 80s, the band Seikima-II (pronounced "seikimatsu" and meaning "end of century") is absolutly legendary in Japan!

Organized in a "Conquest Plan of the Earth of 40 years", Seikima-II adopted entertainment as a means of spreading their doctrine and started in 1985. Thereafter, they propagated the Chapters of Doctrine (known to humans as singles), Scripture of Doctrine (or albums), and Visual Records of Doctrine (videos if you like). They keep satisfactorily demonstrating their artistry and increasing their disciples (otherwise known as fans) in their Worship Rituals (rock concerts, you know) appealing to all ages and genders. Seikima-II also had AKUMA Worship Rituals in Sevillia, London, New York City, and Hong Kong.

Their first mission on Earth ended in 1999 and the band separated. In 2005, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band, Seikima-II get together again for 6 months, 6 new singles, a 15 Rituals tour and 5 albums.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the end of their first mission, Seikima-II released a new album at fall 2009, Akuma Nativity~Songs of the Sword.

In 2010, for their 25th anniversary, Seikima-II rise again. They will be conducting their dark AKUMA Worship Rituals in several countries. And they will be at the J.E. Live House!

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The members of the band

His Excellency H.E. DEMON KAKKA, Seikima-II's singer, is also an actor, a cultural journalist, a Sumo sportscaster and a movie director. In Japan, he is the only musician whose face is known by younger generations as well as older generations.

His Imperial Highness H.H.RAIDEN YUZAWAis the fourth drummer of the band , eventhough he has been a regular member of the band since it started. This video game fan writes in specialized magazines.

Dr. XENON ISHIKAWA (physician, priest, painter, calligrapher and a daring man) is the bass player of Seikima-II. He is also a photographer and painter.

Staff General S.G. LUKE TAKAMURA, third of the name, is the genius guitar player of the band. He also composes most of the band's titles.

Dai-Kan E.M.JAIL O’HASHI is the youngest member of Seikima-II, plays guitar and sings.


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Seikima II, El dorado! Official video

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Seikima-II on their MySpace page

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Sunday 04 July, 17h30-18h30, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Sunday 04 July, 13h30-14h30, Signing Room #5
    First come, first served

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