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Published on 30/05/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

Talented illustrator in the romantic and lolita style, Sakizo is a true inspiration for Cosplayer girls. Come and see her creations during a fashion show on the 100 % Cosplay stage.

Meet Sakizo on Saturday and Sunday at Japan Expo
and admire her creations on the 100 % Cosplay stage on Saturday




Born in 1980, Sakizo likes to draw from an early age. After high school, she starts a job but spends most of her free time drawing. She becomes independent in 2008 and now lives at Kurashiki in Okayama prefecture.

Using watercolours transparency, she becomes a specialist in illustrating romantic costumes with laces and flounces. Young girls she draws often are pictures of dancers or other artist performers just emerged from childhood overwhelmed with their feelings. Her drawings of living cakes and tea also encountered a real success.

© Shogakkan/「Gekkan!Spirits」     © Sakizo All rights reserved

Since 2009, she presents her original works at the Cirque de la lune café in Tokyo every year in August. During this expo, the staff of the café wears costumes inspired by Sakizo’s illustrations.

In 2012, Sakizo designed a bottle of perfume for Mary Magdalene, a brand for lolitas.

© Sakizo All rights reserved




Sakizo fashion show Saturday 07 July, 15h00-16h00, 100 % Cosplay