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Published on 30/03/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Mangaka

Shôjo fans can rejoice: Japan Expo welcomes Rei TOMA this year, the author of Dawn of the Arcana, in partnership with Kazé Manga.

Don't miss Rei TOMA at Japan Expo


Dawn of the Arcana


Dawn of the Arcana by Rei TOMA is one of the latest Shôjo in the magazine Cheese! published by Shogakukan (Lovely Love Lie, Hot Gimmick, A Romantic Love Story). 9 volumes have already been released in Japan and sold to 1,2 million copies. The adventures of Nakaba, a princess with mysterious powers, are a hit in Japan and have recently been chosen as Best Shôjo 2011 in France by the Manga News community.

The series is halfway somewhere between Shôjo and fantasy thanks to a dark intrigue where “non-humans” live beside magic. The heroin has to face her past tragedies while learning how to live with her blood enemy who is also her husband, Prince Caesar. Come and meet Rei TOMA at Japan Expo this summer!

Find out more about Rei TOMA’s planning at Japan Expo soon on our website, on Kazé Manga and on Facebook.

© 2009 Rei TOMA / Shogakukan Inc.




The royal princess Nakaba is sent to the land of an enemy along with her only servant, Loki, in order to marry the prince and set the peace between the two kingdoms. When she meets her husband for the first time, the prince rejects her despite her beauty because of her red hair. This hair color is considered as belonging to small people whereas kings wear proudly their black mane.

In this hostile place where court intrigues can be fatal, the mysterious power sleeping inside Nabaka is slowly awakening.