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Noriyuki IWADARE

Published on 16/04/2010 - Edition
Noriyuki IWADARE


Birthdate : 28 / 04 / 1964

Nationality : Japan

Noriyuki IWADARE, Video Game Music Guest of Honor

Noriyuki IWADARE is at Japan Expo from July 1st to 4th, 2010
In conference, signing sessions and concert at the J.E. Live House
And his CDs are on sale at the J.E. Shop!


 Noriyuki IWADARE is from Matsumoto (Nagano prefecture in Japan). He is a Japanese composer and arranger, working especially in the video game industry. Very soon, he learns by himself the bases of musical composition when still being a student. After spending four years in a band, he starts composing video game music, which became his main activity to this day.

His compositions, about 100 a year, are appreciated in Japan as well as abroad and are very popular among an admiring audience of all ages.

In the early 90s Noriyuki IWADARE started his career in video games and was soon spotted thanks to the music of the game Lunar The Silver Star (on MegaCD), which awarded him a prize. Several projects followed until his greatest worldwide success: the Grandia series (on Saturn and Playstation), the last episode of which, Grandia Online, has just been released in Japan.

In 2005 Noriyuki IWADARE takes part in Square Enix Party 2005 for the launch of the video game Grandia III and on this occasion gave with his band a concert on the theme "History of GRANDIA LIVE", playing the music of the saga on stage.

He also composes the music of the events and shows of the Yosakoi Sôran festival at Tôkyô Disney Resort. He develops his activity in several fields, as showed by the stage music he composes for musicals, firstly for HAY Dance Company, and then he worked on more and more projects for the stage, TV and radio.

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Noriyuki IWADARE, composer of the themes of Grandia, Lunar, Radiata Stories,
Phoenix Wright, Growlanser, Langrisser, True Fortune and so much more!

In April and September 2008, he rearranged the whole of his work for the album Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra Concert ~Gyakuten Meets Orchestra~ ("Phoenix Wright") with the Tôkyô Philharmonic Orchestra (lead by the famous conductor Hirofumi KURITA).

The same year, Noriyuki IWADARE takes part in the prestigious Press Start Symphony of Games, a series of video game music orchestral concerts, with the greatest composers of this industry, such as Nobuo UEMATSU, Yasunori MITSUDA or Kôji KONDÔ.

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In 2009, the webmaster of the most important video game music fan website, Square Enix Music Online, praises Noriyuki IWADARE as the "Artist of the Year" for his exceptional contribution. 


Japanese Game Music Awards


1992: Best Game Music Prize, category “MegaCD Game Music” for Lunar The Silver Star (Beep! MegaDrive)

1997: Best Game Music Prize, category “Sega Saturn Game Music” for Grandia (Sega Saturn Magazine)

2000: Best Game Music Prize, category “Sega Dreamcast Game Music” for Grandia II (Jury presided over by Softbank ; Dreamcast Magazine


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Noriyuki IWADARE’s official website 

Official Facebook page - Official Twitter page - Official MySpace page

Meet the guest

  • Live Thursday 01 July, 17h30-18h15, J.E. Live House
    Video Game Music
  • Signing session Thursday 01 July, 13h45-14h45, Signing Room #5
    First come first served
  • Signing session Friday 02 July, 16h15-17h15, Signing Room #1
  • Conference Saturday 03 July, 15h30-16h30, Video Game Stage
  • Signing session Saturday 03 July, 11h00-12h00, Signing Room #3
    First come, first served
  • Signing session Saturday 03 July, 14h15-15h30, Signing Room #4
  • Live Sunday 04 July, 15h00-15h45, J.E. Live House
    Video Game Music
  • Signing session Sunday 04 July, 17h30-18h30, Signing Room #5
  • Signing session Sunday 04 July, 13h00-14h00, Signing Room #3
    First come, first served

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