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Published on 14/06/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Actress,  Model,  Singer

Discover Neeko as a singer and a fashion expert during the Japan Fashion Days. Don’t miss her otriginal voice and unique style!!

Showcase, signing session and conference
from Thursday to Sunday!


Neeko : Poptune par JapanExpoTV




Neeko is a model, a dubber, an actress, a singer, a song-writer…: Neeko has multiple activities.

She started her career a Harajuku-style fashion magazine model and has then been regarded as a fashion icon because of the originalities of her costumes.

She took part in the Anime Home Teacher Hitman REBORN for which she had the main role as Reborn.

As a singer, she joined the members of GaGaGaSP with whom she created the pop-rock band Seishun Shampoo. She also created her own brand, SHAMPOOOOO. Her original voice and impressive character seduced many fans.


Neeko : Cosmomobile par JapanExpoTV



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