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Natsumi AIDA

Published on 13/06/2012 - Edition 2012
Natsumi AIDA


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Mangaka

Switch Girl !! author, one of the most famous current Shôjo, is coming for signings this summer on Delcourt / Akata booth !

Discover one of the most famous Shôjo
with the author, Natsumi AIDA, available for signings




Natsumi AIDA is born on July 31, 1978 in Kangawa prefecture. Her hobby is to go hunting for some good bargains on sale like her heroin when she is in “OFF Mode”. She even compares herself with a hyena. She begins her career as a Mangaka in June 2001 right after she was done with her studies. But she releases only short stories then. Three or four years later, she starts to write longer stories that are published in the prestigious magazine called Margaret (Shueisha). Besides, she writes many articles and columns for various magazines. For example, she wrote an article about “How to become a mangaka shôjo” for Davinci cultural journal, in 2007.


Switch Girl !! Manga



©Guy Delcourt Productions, 2012 – Natsumi Aida SWITCH GIRL!!

Tamiya Nika is a beautiful, outgoing, popular high school girl. Yet, when she is not at school, Nika wears an ugly sweatsuit and lays around playing video games and reading manga. Her attitude is bossy and cranky, and she travels far out of her way to shop where she won’t be recognized. However a recent transfer student meets Nika when she is in OFF Mode, and then again at school when she is ON. What’s next?

The Switch Girl !! series quickly conquered Japanese feminine readers who saw themselves through the extravagance of the main character, Nika. In less than one year, the record-breaking series has already exceeded one million copies sold. Today, the sales have reached over 5 millions in Japan!