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Natsuko ASO

Published on 07/06/2010 - Edition
Natsuko ASO


Blood group : AB

Astrological sign : Leo

Birthdate : 06 / 08 / 1990

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Singer

This 19 year old singer and actress has several activities and seems very promising!


In showcase on the Main Stage on Saturday, July 3rd!



Natsuko ASO released her first CD, Brand New World, in 2009. It was also the end song of the Anime series Shin Mazinger Shôgeki ! Z hen on Television. She attracted much attention with the song Perfect-area complete ! which is also the beginning theme song of the TV series Baka to Tesuto to Shôkanjû.

She also started as an actress in the popular series Kamen Rider W and appeared in many ads and Drama, which allowed her to diversify her activities.

Today, she is the main host of the program Japan in Motion, broadcast in France on the channel Nolife.


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Meet the guest

  • Showcase Saturday 03 July, 15h30-15h45, Main Stage
  • Signing session Saturday 03 July, 12h15-13h15, Signing Room #3
    First come, first served
  • Performance Sunday 04 July, 14h00-14h45, Activity Room #1