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Published on 01/04/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

April Fool!! --- The J.E. Live House welcomes another band between pop and electro: N0isY☆KidS. They start making noise in Japan and you’ll love the mat the J.E. Live House!

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April Fool!!
Our team prepared this little joke for April 1st.

注意: このグループはJapan Expo 事務局が4月1日エ


N0isY☆KidS live at the J.E. Live House,
in conference and signing sessions





Created in 2010, this young band started in Tôkyô live houses. Made of the singers Natsu Melo and Vermillion, and the DJ Bôbu, the band performs more and more and starts getting known in the capital.

In February 2011, their title Hybrid Romance launches their career. N0isY☆KidS, with their multicultural origins (Bôbu is from Japanese and Brazilian ethnicity), offers a sound between pop and electro. Soon they find their public and their second single, Mugen no Ringo, is the beginning of their first tour in 2011 all over Japan.

In June 2012, they released their first indie album, Voyage, which the European audience is about to discover on the stage of the J.E. Live House but also for a conference and signings.


The backstage of the creation of  N0isY☆KidS


See the backstage of our fake J-pop band’s preparation, the N0isY☆KidS, for April fool’s day.


To make you believe in the existence of the N0isY☆KidS band, the whole team gathered all their forces!

The boys have put on their best suits and took part in a photo session on the roof, posing like true Japan idols!

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The N0isY☆KidS

And the final touch for more credibility: the shooting of the video in Japanese. We won’t tell names but two people on the video don’t understand a word of what is said!

© All rights reserved
Une partie de l'équipe

Of course the video and the articles were published online and the most important… waiting for your response. We have now true idols at the office! We hope you enjoyed them as much as we do!