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Morning Musume。

Published on 05/05/2010 - Edition
 Morning Musume。


Nationality : Japan

Soundlicious, in partnership with Japan Expo, presents the Morning Musume。! Discover this band of 8 bubbly girls during the festival for signing sessions and a public conference!


The Morning Musume。 live for a unique concert
on Friday, July 2nd in the evening! All the information about the concert

Meet them at Japan Expo during a conference on Sunday, July 4th!
Ask them questions for the conference:





In 1997, the producer Tsunku♂ spotted and chose 5 girls during a TV casting and decided to produce them as an Idol band: the first generation of the Morning Musume。 was born. Over the years and auditions, several generations see the light of day. In 2003 they are 15!

From the beginning, the band releases single after single, with lively pop songs and funny choreographies which make the heart of the Japanese public melt! In a few years’ time they are everywhere in the media: the phenomenon is getting out of control!

Today they are 8, have sold 11 million singles and all their live concerts are sell-outs! They celebrate their 13th birthday with an ever-growing success!


These stars of the Idol phenomenon are absolutely impossible to avoid in Japan. And they are also successful in France where there are more and more of you who follow their career. This year, for the first time ever, the Morning Musume。 are coming to meet the European public… at Japan Expo!

The icing on the cake: a great paying live concert organized by Soundlicious, on Friday, July 2nd in the evening, on the musical stage of Japan Expo, after the closing of the festival. You can expect a show worthy of this name!

Morning Musume : Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
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