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Published on 26/06/2010 - Edition


Birthdate : 26 / 01 / 1982

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Singer

Come and meet MOON KANA, the famous Visual Kei singer, for a signing session!

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MOON KANA is a Visual Kei Japanese singer, one of the only girls in this genre. She created a world of hers, mixing Kawaii with a pop, rock, punk sound. Not to mention her songs, she is famous for her gothic lolita style.

She sings with Inojo at the bass, Satoru at the drums, and the guitarist Iori who is her producer. She gives her first concert at 16.

Her first single was released in February 2000, called Hebi ichigo which makes her known of all Visual Kei fans. Her last album, Moon Dragon, was released in 2010.



More information on her official website and on MySpace!

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Her albums

  • 2010 - Moon Dragon
  • 2007 - Tsuki no usagi
  • 2005 - Spade
  • 2003 - Ningen-teki ningen
  • 2002 - Kikai-teki ningen
  • 2001 - Doubutsu-teki ningen

Meet the guest

  • Signing session Sunday 04 July, 15h30-16h30, Signing Room #4
    First come first served