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Published on 30/05/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Singer

Discover May’n and her beautiful soprano voice. After the success of her Asian tour, the most popular pop-rock singer in Japan today is performing on the J.E Live House stage!

Live and in signing sessions
on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!




© All rights reserved May’n is a 21 year-old singer from Nagoya. Her stage name comes from her real name and her wish to single titles which can be anyone’s “main theme”.

In 2008, she sings a title by star Sherryl NOME in the Anime Macross Frontier, and releases two singles which both get to the third place in the Oricon. In January 2009, May’n releases a much expected mini-album, May’n☆Street, which gets to the second place the same week. After that, all her CDs reached the top of the Oricon.

In January 2010, she organizes her first live concert in the mythical hall of Nihon Budôkan which is a sold-out. In March the same year, she goes on a tour all over Asia and then in 17 Japanese cities in Japan. May’n wants to share her music in Japan as well as abroad and her amazing singing technique, as well as her beautiful soprano voice, always enchant the audience.

In fall 2010, she signed the theme of the movie The Incite Mill (Inshite Miru: 7-kakan no desu gemu), and in February 2011 released her first 3D live documentary May’n THE MOVIE - Phonic Nation in Japan.

Her seconf album, If you…, also comes out at the end of the month and gets at once to the seventh place in the Oricon. In May 2011, she goes on an Asian tour in six different places. May’n is the most popular female rock artist this year in Japan.


May’n’s official website


  • 2011 - Scarlet Ballet Single
  • 2011 - if you... Album
  • 2010 - Shinjitemiru Single
  • 2010 - Ready Go! Single
  • 2009 - May’n☆Street Album
  • 2009 - Kimi Shinitamō Koto Nakare Single
  • 2009 - pink monsoon Single
  • 2009 - Universal Bunny Album
  • 2009 - Styles Album
  • 2008 - Lion - May'n/Ai Nakajima Single
  • 2008 - Diamond Crevasse / Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don't be late Single

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Thursday 30 June, 15h30-15h45, Main stage
  • Signing session Thursday 30 June, 17h00-18h00, Signing room 5
  • Signing session Saturday 02 July, 12h00-13h00, Signing room 4
    First come, first served
  • Showcase Sunday 03 July, 17h00-18h00, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Sunday 03 July, 14h30-15h30, Signing room 2
    Drawing lots