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Masakazu KATSURA

Published on 02/06/2010 - Edition
Masakazu KATSURA


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Mangaka

The publisher Tonkam is proud to announce that Masakazu KATSURA is at Japan Expo to celebrate with you the 30th anniversary of his carrier!

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A star Mangaka of the Weekly Shonen JUMP and Young JUMP, Masakazu KATSURA is part of the golden generation of the Shueisha authors. With Video Girl Aï, he created a new genre, now impossible to avoid: the lovecome or romantic comedy for boys, showing the way for many authors since then. Today, with Zetman, he is among the most popular authors of Young JUMP.


The Katsura Trilogy

For the 30th anniversary of his carrier, the publisher Tonkam and Masakazu KATSURA himself present a unique event: the Katsura Trilogy! This project – a world exclusivity – is made of two Manga: Shadow Lady in color, not yet published in France, and Docteur Chanbelee in world preview, as well as an artbook especially made for the occasion.


Your meetings

You have many opportunities to meet Masakazu KATSURA during public events: three signing sessions, a public conference and a masterclass at Japan Expo. The schedule will be online soon. Stay tuned!



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