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Published on 10/04/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : director,  Scriptwriter

His poetic movies have already made you dream: Makoto SHINKAI is back this summer with Children Who Chase Voices in partnership with Kazé.

Come and meet Makoto SHINKAI at Japan Expo




Makoto SHINKAI is a self-made artist and a creator of dream and emotion. Successively animator, editor, writer, director or colorist, this talented film-maker never hesitates to do all the jobs needed to achieve his movies. Makoto SHINKAI’s works are appreciated by critics and festivals all over the world.




After Voices of a Distant Star and 5 cm per Second, his last full-length movie, called Children Who Chase Voices, has already been selected in many European festivals (Future Film Festival Bologne, Fête de l’Animation Lille, Festival du film fantastique de Bruxelles, Muvizu Presents: Glasgow Youth Film Festival) before its release in DVD and Blu-ray next July at Japan Expo.

The Manga adapted from the movie, Les Enfants d'Agartha, will be released at the same date by Kazé Manga!


See some pictures of this new work of art
plus a message from the director on www.kaze-anime.fr




One day, while listening to the radio transmitter that her father left her, Asuna hears a mysterious song. Marked by the melody that seems to be the incarnation of the soul of his interpreter, Asuna can’t forget it.

On the way to her refuge in the hills, she is attacked by a strange beast and saved by Shun, a young man come out of nowhere. He pretends to be from a distant land called Agartha and to have come to the surface to see something and meet someone. The two young men begin to confide in one another but Shun suddenly disappears...


Children Who Chase Voices – in DVD, Blu-ray and Manga
at Kazé at Japan Expo and simultaneously in stores



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