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Published on 09/05/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

The J.E. Live House hosts four punchy girls who promise to make you rock. Don’t miss LAZYgunsBRISKY on stage!

Live at the J.E. Live House!

More information about dates and times soon




Created in 2006, LAZYgunsBRISKY is a Japanese rockband made of four girls who met in highschool:

  • Lucy, vocals
  • Moe, drums
  • izumi, guitar
  • azu, bass and choir

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Their first free demo CD, the trip, was recorded in February 2007. In April 2008, they release their first album, quixotic, on an independent label, July Records, as they are only 19.

In december 2008, Kenichi ASAI (ex BLANKEY JET CITY) becomes their producer and launch their first major mini-album, “Catching! ”. On July 8, 2009, their second mini-album, 26 times, is out.

From May to June 2010, the band is on a European tour and mainly in France to make their rock music known everywhere. During the tour, “Catching! ” is released in Europe. The second mini-album, 26 times, is also distributed in the USA by Good Charamel records, the independent label of Robby TAKAC from the band Goo Goo Dolls. The girld also take part in a compilation CD, I LOVE J-ROCK, released in August 2010.

In November 2010, they create their own label, G.O.D Records, and launch their first single, CHILDHOOD. In 2011, they are back in France to set the J.E. Live House stage on fire!



LAZYgunsBRISKY on their website,
FACEBOOK and Myspace!


  • 2010 - CHILDHOOD Single, G.O.D. Records
  • 2009 - 26 times Mini-album, JVC Victor Entertainment
  • 2008 - “Catching! ” Mini-album, JVC Victor Entertainment
  • 2008 - quixotic Album, July Records

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Thursday 30 June, 15h00-15h45, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Thursday 30 June, 16h30-17h30, Signing room 3
  • Showcase Saturday 02 July, 17h30-18h15, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Saturday 02 July, 16h00-17h00, Signing room 2
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