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Published on 08/03/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : chara-designer,  Producer

This summer, gamers are going to meet the creator and producer of mythical games: Keiji INAFUNE, who has worked for Mega Man or Street Fighter IV. He is the video game guest of honor of the festival!

Meet Keiji INAFUNE for signing sessions and a conference
on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at Japan Expo


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Born in 1965 in Osaka, Keiji INAFUNE is a famous video game producer. In 1987, he joined Capcom where he contributed to many successful video games. One of the series he worked on, Megaman, became a best-seller of the company with over 29 million copies sold.

He goes on working on the concept of successful games and is considered as charismatic creator which fans love.

As an executive producer at Capcom, he took part in the success of cult games such as Resident Evil 4 or Monster Hunter, a phenomenon with 21 million copies sold worldwide.

In 2010, he left Capcom: he now runs a game and book publishing company, and a video game development one.

He is also working on board games and video games such as Kaio: King of Pirates (2012) on Nintendo 3DS.


© 2011 MarvelousAQL/KI/comcept/intercept


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