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Kazue KATO

Published on 12/05/2010 - Edition
Kazue KATO


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Mangaka

For Japan Expo 11th Impact, Kazé Manga is glad to announce the presence of Kazue KATO, the author of Blue Exorcist!

© AO NO EXORCIST © 2009 by Kazue Kato / SHUEISHA Inc.


After winning the prestigious TEZUKA Award at 19 thanks to the Manga Boku to Usagi, Kazue KATO drew several Shônen. In 2009 she starts in the Jump Square a completely new series: Blue Exorcist.

Come and meet the Mangaka of one of the last title in the collection Shônen Up !, on the booth of Kazé Manga!


Kazue KATO talks to her readers:

"I’m delighted to talk to you! The background of Blue Exorcist is a little hazy, with few details (…). But the story starts in quite a simple way: it is set in a school, some sort of huge Mont Saint-Michel. I wish you have fun while discovering it. Thanks to everyone for your interest in Blue Exorcist!"


Rin was adopted as a baby by a renowned exorcist but learns someday that he is the son of evil incarnate when his true father, Satan himself, comes back to take him into his world. Yet the young boy cannot forget all he has learned so far… Facing an invincible adversary who killed the only man who ever loved him, Rin chooses to fight with the exorcists, even if by drawing his father’s sword he will free the demonic power in him!


Get ready for a trip to the hellish world
of Blue Exorcist with the author herself!


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