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Published on 09/06/2011 - Edition 2011


Blood group : O

Astrological sign : Virgo

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Musician

Iruma RIOKA, the gothic lolita with an enchanting voice, comes and lets you discover her fantastic universe on the J.E Live House stage!

Live on Friday on the main stage
and Saturday at J.E. Live House!


Iruma RIOKA : Confession by JapanExpoTV




Iruma RIOKA is a young songwriter whose universe is both extraordinary and strange. Under the appearance of a gothic-lolita a true artist is hiding, inspired by the imaginary worlds of video games and animation for her compositions. Iruma RIOKA has international tastes, loving Björk, Shiina Ringo and Sarah Brightman.

Her nickname is "Rapunzel" because of her long blond hair (referring to the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale) and she is fond of the world of fables and legends. This passion led her to create Hollow Mellow, a circle of musicians nominated in the category of best video of the year in the Ikaten 2008, a contest sponsored by MSN.

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Known in Switzerland, Russia and Mexico for her captivating performances, Iruma RIOKA is definitely going to charm the heart of the French public!

Iruma RIOKA is dressed by Atelier Pierrot, a famous Japanese brand of gothic-lolita clothing.


Iruma RIOKA’s official website and Myspace page


  • 2010 - Crimson Princess
  • 2009 - Hollow Mellow
  • 2008 - IRUMA
  • 2008 - Secret Garden -dream-
  • 2008 - Secret Garden

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Friday 01 July, 14h00-14h15, Main stage
  • Signing session Friday 01 July, 16h00-17h00, Signing room 5
    Drawing lots
  • Showcase Saturday 02 July, 15h15-16h00, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Saturday 02 July, 16h30-17h30, Signing room 3
    Drawing lots