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Published on 12/04/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Fashion designer

In the forefront if fashion, Japan Expo welcomes an essential character of the gothic-lolita trend, designer h.NAOTO, his real name being Naoto HIROOKA, the fashion guest of honor of the festival!

h.NAOTO takes part in the Japan Fashion Days
with a show, a conference and signing sessions.
Bonus: a showcase by HANGRY&ANGRY during the fashion show!!


The gothic-lolita trend, a movement that has become international in the 2000s, is at the heart of h.NAOTO’s style. The designer mingled in his creations trends from the Otaku culture, gothic-lolita, punk, Visual Kei, Cosplay or Anime, and gives them a top place in the world of fashion. This revolutionary brand has transformed usual fashion by bringing into it costume-like fashion.


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Designer h.NAOTO, Naoto HIROOKA being his real name, was born in 1977 in Hyogo Prefecture. After graduating from the Bunka Fashion College in Tôkyô, he joined S-inc Co. Ltd. in 1999.

In 2000, Naoto HIROOKA created his own brand: h.NAOTO. Inspired by the ideas of extreme punk, he used his unique views of fashion to integrate in his creations Japanese subcultures such as gothic-lolita or Visual Kei. His collections are original and got much praised, seducing artists and musicians in Japan and worldwide, as well as many fans.

h.NAOTO’s influence extends beyond the world of fashion to reach music, cinema, Manga, animation, video games and artistic worlds, diversifying its creative design activities.

In 2005 he started the hEAVEN project, mixing fashion and art. Then new brands were created, in collaboration with young designers and artists, such as SIXh., GRAMM, hANGRY&ANGRY, etc. Today, the hEAVEN project allows new trends to spread.

In 2008, h.NAOTO launched a new project: NAOTO7. With the "Kotsuban" series in 2008 on the theme of procreation and "Tsumi to Batsu" (crime and punishment) on the theme of Eros and Tanatos in 2009-2010, the brand goes beyong its gothic image, also focusing on the relations between humanity, society and fashion.


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2010 series by h.NAOTO


ANARCHY --- Gothic-style avant-garde punk
The core theme of h.NAOTO: destruction, violence, death, and sex. The fusion of extreme and decadent punk culture with fashion.

BLOOD --- Gothic-style black elegance
A sacred h.NAOTO gothic world that transcends time. A fashion collection of aesthetic fantasy woven in black and white.

DARK RED RUM --- Gothic-style occult fashion
The curse of the devil lurking in the world of the dead. The occult world filled with fear and shudder. The deep, horrific world of h.NAOTO.

FRILL --- Gothic-style white Lolita
The pure white dresses of the lovely, dreamy girls. The angels gently descending from the sky… A Lolita world distinctive amongst the h.NAOTO brands.

NAOTO7 --- Gothic-style art mode
Started in 2008, this creative fashion collection represents the cutting edge h.NAOTO. Starting with the “Kotsuban” and “Tsumi to Batsu” series, a concept theme is decided annually, and it is highly experimental with arts and breaks away from the usual fashion ways of thinking. The “7” in NAOTO7 is derived from the Seven Sins.


More information about h.NAOTO and his creations

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