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HITT & Guests

Published on 06/05/2010 - Edition
 HITT & Guests


Blood group : A

Birthdate : 19 / 04 / 1982

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Singer

Exclusivity at Japan Expo: HITT performs with two Guests, guitar and bass players, who come and share fresh and original pop rock music!

© Râmen Events/Nicolas Cerutti

Playing live at the J.E. Live House on Thursday, July 1st!



made the decision of becoming a singer in August 2000 in a punk band called BBdan who played for two years in Tôkyô clubs but the band separated in 2003. Soon after HITT created a new band, THE HITMAN and that’s when he chose his stage name!

In January 2004, he devoted himself to his solo carrier and gave his first live concert at the Otsuka RED ZONE. A year later, he started the piano and played in cafés and restaurants. His first album, MEGA HITT, was released in July 2006.

In November 2007, he joins the band OTOKAGE as a bass player while going on as a solo artist. A new mini-album, KAKKOTSUKE MAN, is released in February 2009, as well as a his first video-clip! Then he goes on a tour with the band and also performs solo at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Philadelphia! In May 2009, he leaves OTOKAGE to devote to his solo carrier.


HITT, Sakura Romance
sent by JapanExpoTV


His last album, I LOVE HITTERS, was released in March 2010 in Europe and Japan, topped by a great tour! In Europe, he gives about 15 concerts with an inevitable stop at Japan Expo! Close to his public, there is no doubt he goes all out, as always, to offer a show noboby will forget!

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Meet the guest

  • Showcase Thursday 01 July, 14h00-14h45, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Thursday 01 July, 15h15-16h15, Signing Room #3
    First come, first served