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Published on 28/04/2010 - Edition


Birthdate : 03 / 05 / 1977

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Cartoonist,  Scriptwriter

Japan Expo and Pika Edition are delighted to announce that Hiro MASHIMA is coming to Japan Expo 11th Impact!



A major author of Shônen Manga, Hiro MASHIMA publishes his first Manga, Rave, in Weekly Shônen Magazine between 1998 and 2005. This long-winded adventure ended up with 35 books and a 51 episode TV series. Afterwards he made a few short stories (Plue’s Dog Diaries, Mashima-en…) published in Tankobon and Mashima-En, before starting a new series in 2006: Fairy Tail.


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Hiro MASHIMA owes his success in France to Fairy Tail, published by Pika Edition since 2008. With over 700,000 copies sold in France, it sits pretty atop the Manga best-sellers list thanks to a remarkable style and a clever mix of action, humor and magic carried along by off-the-wall characters. He was also awarded the Best Shônen Japan Expo Award in 2009!

2010, MASHIMA’s year! After the issue of Mashima-En in February, the first volumes of two new series are being published this year: Monster Hunter Orage, inspired from the video game Monster Hunter, and Monster Soul (to be released in June and September 2010 by Pika Edition). On the program: a public conference and signing sessions!


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