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Hideo BABA

Published on 29/06/2011 - Edition 2011
Hideo BABA


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Producer

Hideo BABA, the producer of the series TALES OF, gives the latest news of the series and his European news, from TALES OF THE ABYSS on Nintendo 3DS™ to TALES OF GRACES F. on PlayStation®3.

In signing session and on the video game stage
for Namco Bandai's events!




Being a major actor of the J-RPG trend, Hideo BABA is the main producer of the world famous series Tales Of.

He is currently working on the Japanese version of Tales of Xillia which celebrates the 15th anniversary of the series.






  • - Tales of Destiny
  • - Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut
  • - Tales of Heart
  • - Tales of Graces
  • - Tales of Graces F
  • - Tales of the Abyss (3DS)
  • - Tales of Xillia
  • - Eternal Sonata
  • - Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow