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Published on 26/03/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

This year, meet Hemenway on the J.E. Live House stage at Japan Expo. A new band on their way to shake the J-Pop world!

Hemenway live at the J.E. Live House on Saturday
and Sunday with Naoki URASAWA as special guest!!
And for signings
(dates and times coming soon)





In 2008, Isaac and Charm graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachussets. They went back to Las Vegas, their native city, and got together as a songwriting team with the secret hope to make a name in the Japanese musical sphere. In 2010, the two set foot on the land of their dreams. Two former Japanese classmates, Toshi and Ogaching, joined them to start a band, Hemenway.

The name Hemenway comes from a street name in Boston, close to where the four members used to live and where they had unforgettable memories.

Though brought up in the USA, the members of Hemenway are in love with Japanese culture. They begin to pave their way in the music industry and will go on to create a whole new wave of music.

Listen, their first single is released in November 2011 followed in January 2012 by the second one By My Side, the new opening of Naruto Shippuden.



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