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Published on 07/06/2012 - Edition 2012


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : chara-designer,  Mangaka

A very special Anime guest of honor is meeting you: Haruhiko MIKIMOTO, a famous chara-designer, celebrates the 30th anniversary of the series Macross at Japan Expo!

Come and meet Haruhiko MIKIMOTO
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Haruhiko MIKIMOTO was born on August 28, 1959. Graduate from institute of technology of the Keio University, he was a fan of animation way before the end of his studies. He was hired by the studio Nue where he worked with two people who would become important in his future career: the creator of Macross, Shoji KAWAMORI, and the writer Hiroshi OONOGI.

As he was still a university student, Haruhiko MIKIMOTO joined the animation studio Artland. This experience allowed him to prove his talent on famous works such as Astroboy.

His career as a chara-designer reached a decisive turning point when, in 1982, he got associated with Shoji KAWAMORI on the Anime The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The series is a success and Haruhiko MIKIMOTO is known as a talented chara-designer worldwide. Then he worked on the characters of the Anime Super Dimension Century Orguss.

Haruhiko MIKIMOTO left Artland to focus on illustration. He started his new career drawing for novels or magazines before launching himself in Manga with Marionette Generation. In 2001, he published the series Mobile Suit Gundam : l’école du ciel in the magazine Gekkan Gundam Ace.

Still fond of the universe of Mecha and Macross, he worked in 2009 on the Manga version of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: The First. Still today, Haruhiko MIKIMOTO works as a chara-designer on many Anime and video games, on top of his work as an artist, a Mangaka and an animator.


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