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Published on 03/05/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

The rock duo HANGRY&ANGRY is part of the artists who work with h.NAOTO on the hEAVEN fashion project: they could not miss an occasion such as h.NAOTO’s show at Japan Expo! They’ll be on the main stage during the show for a very fashion showcase!

Showcase on the main stage
during h.NAOTO’s fashion show!




The duo HANGRY&ANGRY is made of Hitomi YOSHIZAWA, a.k.a. HANGRY, and Rika ISHIKAWA, ANGRY on stage and former member of the famous idol band Morning Musume。. Both girls have a unique punk/gothic lolita style and seduce the audience on stage with their rock songs. Their style definitely fit their collaboration with h.NAOTO – famous designer of the gothic lolita trend and fashion guest of honor of Japan Expo this year – and Gashicon – illustrator and creator of the Guro-Kawa (grotesque and Kawaii) characters of HANGRY&ANGRY.

In october 2008, HANGRY&ANGRY’s Myspace page was launched and soon got over 100.000 fans! This was only the beginning of their success which went on with their first mini-album Kill Me Kiss Me, released in November 2008 in Japan, Korea and the USA.

Their international success was confirmed at Sakura Con in Seattle in April 2008. In 2009, they conquered France on the stage of Chibi Japan Expo!

Their first full album, Sadistic Dance, was released in November 2009 in Japan, as well as in Taiwan and all over Europe. It got a powerful and electro sound thanks to the participation of Daniel MERLOT, producer who worked with Kool Keith, Perry Farrell (former Jane’s Addiction), Mad Professor, Milla Jovovich, Bjork or Aphex Twin!



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