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Christelle HUET-GOMEZ

Published on 28/06/2012 - Edition 2012
Christelle HUET-GOMEZ


Nationality : France

Jobs : Author

After the beautiful Princesse Pivoine, Christelle HUET-GOMEZ presents her new book, Le Secret de la grue blanche, illustrated once more by Ein LEE. Ammeting you can’t miss!

In signing sessions on Saturday and Sunday
  at nobi nobi ! booth

And for reading sessions with Kamishibaï
at the Kids area

© Christelle Huet-Gomez 2012 • nobi nobi !




After graduating in business, Christelle HUET-GOMEZ started her career as an auditor. Three years later, she decided that she needed a change of career and became a History and Geography teacher, which she has been for five years now.

She also writes children stories which are published in magazines and as books. Christelle HUET-GOMEZ has also started another career as an illustrator by making Kamishibai for schools.

In 2010, Christelle HUET-GOMEZ took part in adapting the traditional Japanese Princesse Pivoine (princess peony), published by nobi nobi ! and illustrated by the talented Ein LEE. It was obvious for nobi nobi ! to ask her to adapt the famous tale of the crane who is turned into a woman in Le Secret de la grue blanche (the secret of the white crane).


More information on www.nobi-nobi.fr and facebook