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Published on 18/05/2010 - Edition


Birthdate : 30 / 01 / 1980

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Mangaka

The publisher Delcourt, Akata and Japan Expo are delighted to announce the very first visit in France of the Mangaka Aya KANNO, the author of the Shôjo Otomen, at Japan Expo!

OTOMEN © 2007 by Aya Kanno / HAKUSENSHA Inc., Tokyo

© All rights reserved


Aya KANNO was born on January 30th 1980 in Tôkyô. She started her professional career in 2001, by publishing in Hana to Yume (Fruits Basket pre-publishing magazine) the Manga Soul Rescue for which she got the Athena Award, as a new author, the same year. After a few one-shots and short series, she created Otomen late 2006 in the monthly magazine Betsuhana.

With over 2 million copies sold in Japan (and over 100 000 in France), the series Otomen has become a real society phenomenon: Otomen has become an everyday word and now designates a new sort of virile men who accept their female part.




For her first visit in France, Aya KANNO is meeting the public of Japan Expo!
Meet her for signing sessions!



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