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Published on 29/04/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Composer

Japan Expo is glad to welcome as video game guest of honor, a great composer who made thousands among you shiver, Akira YAMAOKA, the composer of Silent Hill theme!

Don't miss Akira YAMAOKA and his band live
at the J.E. Live House on Friday and Sunday

Sunday: a special guest sings a song with him,
the French singer Manu

Meet Akira YAMAOKA in signing session everyday too!




Akira YAMAOKA is a great music composer and a master of Japanese horror, famous for his original musical universe.

His unique music style is both surprising and unsettling, being a perfect match for video games by stimulating the gamer’s imagination. He is famous for composing the music and sound design of the Silent Hill game series, for which he also acts as a producer since the third opus. He also worked on other aspects of the game, such as the script.

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In 2006, Silent Hill was adapted for as a feature film by Christophe GANS. One more, Akira YAMAOKA composes the music and contributes to the eerie atmosphere of the movie.

The last episode of the series on which he has worked - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - and Climax Studios were rewarded in 2010 during the prestigious Milthon European Awards ceremony for Best Audio design of the year.

Akira YAMAOKA is also famous for the soundtracks of cult games, such as Dance Dance Révolution. Always searching for new challenges, he is currently working on the game Shadow of the Damned (to be released this year).

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