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Published on 27/05/2010 - Edition


Birthdate : 04 / 09 / 1988

Nationality : Japan

Jobs : Singer

Ai TAKEKAWA's songs are fresh and light-hearted! It seems natural since their young interpret is only 21 but she is already full of talent!

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Live at the J.E. Live House on Friday, July 2nd!


Ai TAKEKAWA, the singer

Ai TAKEKAWA is a singer, a songwriter and a composer though she is hardly 21! Very productive, she has already composed and written 70 original songs, not to mention many concerts in Tôkyô. Her first single was released last November and she is working on much expected album!

She has been chosen to sing the theme song of the Anime Inu-Yasha which is her second single, released on March 3rd, Tooi Michi No Saki De.


Her many talents

She is not only a music star to be but she also appears on Japanese TV in the program J-MELO and is a host on the radio since April.


Ai Takekawa : I will
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Ai Takekawa : Tooi michi no saki de
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Ai TAKEKAWA on her website!

Her career

  • 2010 - Recording her first album
  • 2010 - GOLDEN 4 EGGS~ Takekawa Ai Why-Ai Tonight Radio
  • 2010 - Tooi Michi No Saki De 2nd single
  • 2009 - I will 1st single

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Friday 02 July, 14h30-15h00, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Friday 02 July, 15h30-16h30, Signing Room #4
    First come, first served