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Published on 17/05/2011 - Edition 2011


Nationality : Japan

The electro sound of 1000say is going to fill up the J.E. Live House!! Come and discover this band made of two girls and two boys whose popularity is booming!

Live at the J.E. Live House and in signing session
on Friday!


1000say : Holy Rain par JapanExpoTV




1000say is made of four members:

  • API (singing, bass)
  • MAN (singing, guitar)
  • NON (drums)
  • MICHELLE (synthesizer)

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The band was formed around MAN who was a student at the time. There were several member changes until September 2005 with the current members. Electro sounds and the presence of two singers allow to experience a new concept that the band qualified as a “new generation of fantastic”, mixing digital and analogical.

In July 2007, the band released its first mini-album, STARGAZE ORCHESTRA, which awarded them a column in the magazine MARQUEE and an interview with Mito, bassist of the band Clammbon. In November, 1000say took part in MINAMI WHEEL 2008, a festival organized by radio channel FM802. Though it was their first participation, the gig was sold out.

© All rights reserved

In January 2009, as their popularity was getting higher and higher, 1000say released its second mini-album MICROWAVE HEARTBEAT. They were selected for single of the week on iTunes Store and registered an exceptional number of downloads. In May they took part in SAKAE SP-RING 2009.

1000say collaborated with the fashion brand HoneyPhick and offered an exclusive song to the brand.

In December, they released their third album, LIGHTNING AMPLIFIER, fulfilling a nice trilogy. They organize their first live in February 2010 at the CLUB QUE in Shimokitazawa, a memorable moment for the band in front of a very friendly crowd. In March, 1000say took part in V/A "Disney Rocks" and in May in CX "FACTORY".


1000say : Lost Man par JapanExpoTV


1000say on their website!


  • 2010 - Disney Rocks!!
  • 2009 - MICROWAVE HEARTBEAT Mini-album
  • 2009 - Panic Level.01
  • 2008 - STARGAZER ORCHESTRA Mini-album

Meet the guest

  • Showcase Friday 01 July, 14h00-14h45, J.E. Live House
  • Signing session Friday 01 July, 15h30-16h30, Signing room 3
    Drawing lots