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Momoiro Clover Z

Published on 22/03/2012 - Edition 2012
 Momoiro Clover Z


Nationality : Japan

The Kawaii J-Pop sound of Momoiro Clover Z is coming to France for the first time on the J.E. Live House stage: meet the five idols this summer for J-Pop encounter just as you love them!

Momoiro Clover Z in signing session
and live at the J.E. Live House on Thursday

& surprise event on Friday at the J.E. Live House
in partnership with Kodansha





Momoiro Clover Z is an idol band made of Reni TAKAGI, Kanako MOMOTA, Ayaka SASAKI, Shiori TAMAI and Momoka ARIYASU. Created by Stardust Promotion in 2008, the band was originally called Momoiro Clover (“pink clover”, as a symbol for the happiness they share through music).

They made their debut in Shibuya and, in 2009, joined up with Yamada Denki to create the event Yamada Denki Presents ~Momoiro Clover Japan Tour 2009 Momoiro Typoon!~. Within a few months, Momoiro Clover performed 104 times all over Japan.

As soon as they released their first single, hits came one after the other: released in June 2009, Momoiro Punch reached number 11 in the Oricon charts and, a few months later, Mirai e Susume was 6th. Momoiro Clover got more and more popular, thanks to acrobatic and dynamic dances.

In May 2010, the band released their first major single, Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo, and sold over 20 000 copies, getting 1st in the daily Oricon: the girls had established themselves on the Japanese music scene.

Momoka, Ayaka, Kanako, Shiori & Reni

Momoiro Clover joined King Records and Starchild for a new single, Pinky Jones, composed by NARASAKI from rock band COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS. The more lively vibe of the title was the beginning of a new style which fans loved at once. On December 24, 2010, the band performed for the first time at Japan Seinen Theater: the 1.300 seats sold out in 30 minutes!

After one of the members left, Akari HAYAMI, Momoiro Clover became Momoiro Clover Z. The five singers continued to forge ahead and to get more and more fans! In July 2011, Momoiro Clover Z released their first and much expected album, Battle and Romance.

More sparkling than ever, the girls of Momoiro Clover Z are coming to France for the first time and they have chosen Japan Expo to meet their French fans. Get ready for a great J-Pop moment!!


Meet the guest

  • Showcase Thursday 05 July, 17h30-18h15, J.E. Live House
  • Showcase Thursday 05 July, 12h30-13h00, Main stage
  • Signing session Thursday 05 July, 13h30-14h30, Signing #2
  • Surprise event!! Friday 06 July, 13h00-14h00, J.E. Live House
    With Kodansha