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The video game area

Spread on a wide area, the video game booths, associations and professionals alike, were a hit! You have been invited to discover the publishers’ last games, some of which in world preview, and to attend conferences on the brand new video game stage!

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The guests


Apart from the Video game and Video game music Guests of honor, Hideo KOJIMA and Noriyuki IWADARE, others came to present exclusivities or meet the public.

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The much expected FINAL FANTASY® XIV ONLINE (Square Enix) was unveiled at last in front of a fascinated audience. The producer Hiromichi TANAKA presented the game during a conference. Dave COX himself introduced Castlevania Lords of Shadow, an exclusivity by Konami.

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Naoki MAEDA, the composer and producer of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR for experts), was at Japan Expo to be part of the DDR League jury. He also gave a signing session for his fans!


The video game stage


Apart from video game preview presentations, the video game stage hosted tournaments and conferences. The associations Bushido Impact and Monkeys Unit proposed challenges and tournaments during which you could fight on stage.

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As for conferences, there was one by Noriyuki IWADARE and another by members of the association MO5.com about the history of video games. Young fans discovered video game jobs thanks to ISART DIGITAL.

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Finally this stage welcomed Marcus, gamer icon and host of the show Chez Marcus. It was shot live from Japan Expo on the video game stage but also on the main stage!




This year again, the biggest video game publishers had come! The video game area moved to the rhythm of DDR player dance steps and of the enthusiasm of attendees trying new games! Their booths competed with still more video game machines to be played by the public, more video games to discover, some of which were exclusivities! They had also decorated their booths, set showcases and giant posters… In a word, everything was done to please the gamers and all the others!

The booth of SEGA was catching everyone’s eyes, unveiling several exclusivities on a giant screen: VANQUISH, a world preview, but also Sonic Colours for the first time in front of the public, Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Valkyria Chronicles II. The attendees have also tried Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure and Yakuza 4.

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Konami was at the festival too, completing the presence of Hideo KOJIMA by highlighting Peace Walker, the last opus of the Metal Gear Solid saga.

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The Nintendo area pushed forward Professor Layton and the feature film The Eternal Diva, presented in world exclusivity, and Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. You could try it on DS consoles and pose next to giant reproductions of the game monsters!

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You were also invited to try the last releases by Ankama which presented Dofus 2.0 on several game machines, or to go to the Namco Bandai booth which showed figurines from Saint Seiya in miniature props.




The publishers were not the only ones to allow you to play since many associations organized loads of activities.

Bushido Impact, for example, was really successful. The members of the association proposed many tournaments and invited you to take a seat in front of a computer, always in a friendly atmosphere! Other associations which are very active in the field of video games were at Japan Expo: APOIL, MO5.com and Come & Game. They were all deeply committed to make the public take part in tournaments, attend demonstrations or discover new games.

As for retro-gaming, arcade machines were available to remember the good old time, thanks to Neo Arcadia and Neo Legend.

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This year again, rhythm games attracted many participants, virtual musicians and amazing dancers. Dance Dance Revolution, of course, but also ParaParaParadise, Guitar Hero, its cousin DJ Hero and many more rhythm games which made the players sweat and dazzled the audience brought together around the booths of DDR Belgium and ORGames.

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