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Japan Expo 12th Impact - Part 3

After an incredible 11th Impact, the biggest festival for Japanese culture and entertainment is back! Discover the richness of this unavoidable event and enjoy!

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Dedicated areas



Publishers, shops, magazines, webzines, fanzines, and exhibitions: Japan Expo is the place to be for the Manga, comics and Japanese culture industry!

Well-stocked booths, cultural products directly from Japan, any types of goodies, information about travelling, games… bliss in the alleys of Japan Expo! Come and discover the latest Manga, buy products showing your favorite heroes, admire the creativity and originality of hundreds of fanzines and webzines, or improve your knowledge by working with Japanese exhibitors who made a special trip to Japan Expo!

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Video Games

Between video games and Japan Expo it has always been a great love story! In 2002 already, the official Dance Dance Revolution space made people faint! Year after year, the space dedicated to entertaining technologies has got bigger and bigger to welcome more exhibitors: many publishers of course (Nintendo, Ankama, Ubisoft, SquareEnix, Microsoft, Bandai Namco...) and associations. You can also find online amateur game developers and MMORPG developers, whose goal is to make the attendees discover all types of games by offering free play all day long. They also organize a great deal of tournaments and contests!

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In 2010, a new stage appeared, entirely dedicated to video games. It hosts world preview presentations, conferences and tournaments. The much expected FINAL FANTASY® XIV ONLINE (Square Enix) had been unveiled by its producer Hiromichi TANAKA during a conference.

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Sports and martial arts

From the beginning, Japan Expo has always been proud to welcome the Japanese martial arts. As time goes by, all the Asian sports have found a place within the festival. This year, more than ever, Asian martial arts will be well represented: Kendô, Jûdô, Karate, Aikidô, Viêt Vo Dao, Wu Shu… in order to get lessons and attend several demonstrations! In 2010 for the first time, Kyûdô was presented in an area dedicated to demonstrations and initiations.

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Another sports event: the presence of a Batting Center, where you can take baseball lessons, one of the most popular sports in Japan, often appearing in movies or Manga!

Games and activities

Japan Expo is first and foremost a full-size playground! A place where game culture in all its forms meets the attendees: board games, role playing games, video games, trading card games, figurines... Everything is a reason to play and have a good time, with your family or friends. Indeed you will soon realize that game associations and booths are well established at Japan Expo.

It is also the occasion to try Japanese traditional games, like Go, Othello or Shôgi, but also Asian games such as the unavoidable Mah-Jong, a very popular game in Japan. The most talented among the attendees will challenge other players in tournaments in a very festive atmosphere.

Don’t be surprised: hundreds activities take place at the same time everywhere in the festival and they are hugely successful every year. Musical games, Karaoke, blindtests, quizzes, tournaments, treasure hunts… It’s time to put your music knowledge to the test, sing Anime themes dating back to your childhood or compete with the best performers at Dance Dance Revolution!

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Traditional culture

One of Japan Expo’s goals is to make the public discover all the faces of Japan, by contributing to the development of traditional culture. Many associations take part in this effort, with activities such as Ikebana (the Japanese art of arranging flowers), Origami, tea ceremony, calligraphy, painting, traditional games, Matsuri, cooking or conferences about strong cultural issues (Manga in society, the Japanese way of thinking, great historical battles, etc.).

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Many activities about Zen spirit and well-being are also planned: be sure to get relaxed with Shiatsu, areas dedicated Reiki and other traditional techniques.

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Japan Expo is all about that and much more that we are planning for you! We will regularly unveil the programming and guests of this 2011 edition on the website. We hope that you will enjoy your visit on the festival and have a good time during these four days of discoveries and celebration!

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