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Japan Expo 12th Impact - Part 2

After an incredible 11th Impact, the biggest festival for Japanese culture and entertainment is back! Discover the richness of this unavoidable event and enjoy!

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As time goes by, Cosplay has become one of the most popular events at Japan Expo. That’s why there are more and more events related to Cosplay, to allow the attendees to have a complete view of this eternal Japanese trend. They can even take part in it! The Cosplay shows put forward the best French competitors, taking part in the parades on a tremendous stage: almost 15,000 people cheering the event and giving a unique atmosphere to the shows! The World Cosplay Summit, co-organized by TV Aichi in Japan, and whose stop in France bears the initials J.E, also allows the French winners to compete with the best Cosplayers on Earth!

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In 2011, Japan Expo also welcomes the first exclusive finals of the European Cosplay Gathering, a new contest taking place on a European scale and launched in 2010 at Japan Expo with the French selections.

Yet you do not need to compete with the best to try Cosplay in a purely friendly spirit: in the festival alleys, thousands of fans feel free to disguise as their favorite heroes or artists (Manga, Anime, films, video games and even J-Music!). Every day, Japan Expo is a real show!

And since Cosplay is so inescapable, prodigious, entertaining and – will I say the words?? – so exhilarating and federative, Japan Expo is the first event all over the world to offer such a huge stage, entirely dedicated to this activity, the 100 % Cosplay Stage. Anybody can come and parade, without contest, without subscription list – in a word, free as the wind!

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Thanks to fashion shows and the Young Designers booths, Japan Expo is proud to help Japanese fashion develop in all its styles. The attendees gladly do their part of the job, since Tôkyô street fashion can also be seen in the festival alleys!

It is the ideal place to discover original creations by dozens of designers, and maybe, who knows, you will find your next outfit in the Young Designers Village! This area is totally dedicated to “fashion addicts” and keeps growing every year, offering more clothes, more accessories, for an extravagant, gothic or lolita chic look! Now it is up to you to decide, whatever your style, whatever your taste!

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J.E. Live House

Edition after edition, showcases take a greater place at Japan Expo and now in the attendees’ hearts. Huge stars accepted to come at Japan Expo in the past few years, like Mana (Moi dix Mois), YOSHIKI & ToshI from X Japan, AciD FLavoR, AKB48, ViViD or the legendary stars of heavy metal Seikima-II! A dozen of Japanese groups gave a show on the darkened stage of the J.E. Live House in 2010!

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Now the J.E Live House has become the beating heart of the festival thanks to its capacity of 8,000 people. Imagine the incredible atmosphere in the place when thousands of people cheer their favorite stars together at the same time… You have to experience it to believe it!

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Films and Anime

As time goes by, Japan Expo has made a name for itself, even in Japan. That’s how Japanese editors themselves wish to take part to the programming of our video rooms! It is not only French exclusive Anime that we offer, but also and above all world previews of the current Anime market. In 2008, a special montage of the new Cobra OAV was displayed to the public, testimony of an industry of entertainment more and more present among Japan Expo’s associates!

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Cultural stage

The traditional cultures of Japan and other countries have always fascinated pop culture fans. The cultural stage, where Japan unveils its entire splendor during four days, is the ideal place to attend real traditional shows: Minyô, Kimono display, Ikebana, conferences, Nihon Buyô dance, tea ceremony, and many more!

It is a unique occasion to meet Japanese artists and passionate fans of Japan whose only goal is to display the most genuine aspects of their culture, which is often richer than imagined.

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