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Wrestling: SUGI & RONIN

Published on 10/05/2011 - Edition 2011

In 2011, wrestling is back at Japan Expo and the ring is about to host SUGI, a famous Lucha Libre wrestler, and his fierce adversary, RONIN, the Samurai ghost. Fierce, high in the air, breath-taking: there’ll be matches you must absolutely see!!

SUGI is fighting RONIN, the Samurai ghost ,
on the ring of Japan Expo everyday!

Also conference on Saturday
and signing sessions everyday!


© All rights reserved SUGI is a famous Japanese wrestler, living in Mexico where he practices Lucha Libre, a very impressive type of wrestling thanks to overhead acrobatics. And SUGI usually ends his matches with a Shooting Star Press, a hold which will leave you gazing enraptured: jump, backward somersault and falling over the adversary.

The said adversary will RONIN who already has a grudge against SUGI and is not going to let himself be pushed around. More than a fight, it’s a great show that you will attend on the ring of Japan Expo!




More information and videos about SUGI and RONIN!


The ICWA is also on the ring
and invites the attendees!

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