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World Cosplay Summit 2012

Published on 20/03/2012 - Edition 2012

Don't miss one of the greatest moments of Cosplay at Japan Expo: the French selections for the World Cosplay Summit! The best Cosplayers are on the main stage on this occasion.


WCS French selections


Friday, July 6, 2012 - 2.45 pm
Main stage

Like every year, l’the French step of the World Cosplay Summit takes place at Japan Expo: competition is going to be hard for this prestigious contest!

Winners of France: Grand Guignol Orchestra Cosplay


Organized by EPIC




The most prestigious of Cosplay shows is definitely the World Cosplay Summit, the international meeting of Cosplayers from all over the world! Organized by TV Aichi, the World Cosplay Summit French selections take place at Japan Expo every year!

Remember 2007: France was the world champion with the amazing Damien Ratte and Isabelle Jeudy!



For the time being, have a look at a few pictures from 2011!

Winners of the 2011 World Cosplay Summit French selections,
Laure C. and Christèle G. dressed-up as Clarissa and Mizeria Rezelput from Doors of Chaos



Photos © Damien BOREL www.boblastic.com ;
TAKO Presse / 2011 / Eric


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