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Tougeki tournament: the European finals

Published on 25/06/2011 - Edition 2011

This year, Japan Expo hosts the best European fighting gamers in the running for Tougeki!

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Tougeki organized by VERSUS DOJO is the biggest and most prestigious international tournament of fighting games on arcade terminals and brings together the best gamers every year.

This year, the festival hosts the Tougeki European finals. Participants fight on the video game stage on Saturday and Sunday, among others on the games Super Street Fighter IIX and Blazblue. A trip to Japan is at stake, to take part in the great Tougeki world finals of 2011.

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The gamers are definitely not going to miss this!

Meet the Guest

  • TOUGEKI Finals Saturday 02 July, 10h15-12h00, Video game stage
    Blazblue CS 2
  • TOUGEKI Finals Sunday 03 July, 13h15-15h15, Video game stage
    Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition