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Thuy Phap

Published on 03/05/2011 - Edition 2011

Discover a soft and gentle martial art with Thuy Phap, an art from Vietnam which conveys harmony and well-being.


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Thuy Phap means "the water method". This ancient martial art comes from Vietnam and is inspired by the working movements of the peasants and fishermen who live along the water, and according to it, which allows them to get a sound health.

Thuy Phap disciples try to transform the liquid mass inside the body (which is superior to the solid mass) into vital energy. Thuy Phap gestures use the circular and symbolic shapes of water: rain, wave, waterfall, flow, etc. It uses all the classical techniques of traditional martial arts in Tân (positions), Thu (bare hands), Cuoc (kicking), etc.

Thuy Phap is perfect for people of a wise age looking for well-being exercises. It also attracts young people who love dynamic well-being sports, but who prefer to avoid muscular pains.



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