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Sneakers & street culture, conference by Manami OKAZAKI

Published on 12/06/2011 - Edition 2011

The Japan Fashion Days host Manami OKAZAKI, expert in Japanese street culture. She gives a conference about this and sneakers, related these subjects to hip and art worlds.

Meet Manami OKAZAKI in conference on Sunday!


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Manami OKAZAKI is a specialist in street culture in art circles. She has published a book about sneakers called Japan Kick, which clearly explains how these influences have become part of Japanese hip and art worlds.

She gives a conference at Japan Expo, tackling the subjects of Ura Harajuku culture, street culture, and subcultures in Japan as well, all relating to sneaker culture, and how all these are linked to the work of top Japanese graffiti artists, graphic designers, street wear label designers and the like.

Manami OKAZAKI goes over this subject, showing that sneaker culture is an important part of Japanese fashion.


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