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Showcase by ViRGO a.k.a. HAMMER

Published on 27/03/2012 - Edition 2012

Armed with his Katana, ViRGO a.k.a. HAMMER is about to defend the nobility of Asian hip hop on the J.E. Live House stage!

ViRGO a.k.a. HAMMER: signings (date and times coming soon)
and showcase at the J.E. Live House on Sunday


After being MC and composer in the legendary band ViRCANDiMMER with Diggy-MO’ from SOUL’d OUT, ViRGO a.k.a. HAMMER started solo and imposed a strong and energetic style which made him quite successful.

His first album, Monomyth -Volume 1-, was released last June 15...




  • Showcase Sunday 08 July, 16h30-17h15, J.E. Live House


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